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Dukril Group consists of a strong, hand-picked management team of people who respect each other and together produce solid results for the civil works industry.

Our agile team brings together a diverse range of experience and proves to adapt to meet client expectations. We always deliver with personal attention in every project.

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Operations Manager

In the civil construction industry Richard has a reputation for making things happen. His drive and communication skills set him above the rest. With a background in agriculture, extensive experience Civil Works and CSG landholder liaison, Richards’ name is synonymous with getting the job done.

His ability to conduct works with a personal approach and see jobs finished to a clients’ specifications is something that is often lacking in top heavy businesses. Richards’ ability to instill the same passion and drive for client satisfaction into our workforce is unprecedented and unique.


Project Manager



Over 20 years in the Civil Construction industry, Jason has amassed extensive experience ranging anywhere from building subdivisions, road construction and maintenance in both private and Local Government sectors, operating machinery to performing management roles as Supervisor, Superintendent and Works Coordinator responsible for a works crew of 102 staff.

Jason’s previous roles have seen him managing capital and maintenance budgets whilst being responsible for works programs for the Western Downs Regional Council. More recently, Jason has been subcontracted as a Supervisor for the Toowoomba Cecil Plains Road Upgrade for the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing.

Jason specializes in construction management, management of staff and budget monitoring and control. He has extremely competent in all aspects of maintenance and road construction and has gained a unique skill set through working for both Local Government and private sector clients.



Iain has a rural and agribusiness background and it is this combined with experience in the Civil Construction industry that will set Dukril Group apart. Iain operates with integrity, governance and drive and is extremely environmentally aware. It is his ability to combine a holistic approach to the management and growth the company that places Dukril Group above our competitors enabling us to continuously deliver outstanding results to our clients.

“My interest and passion is regenerative agriculture where by building soil health through the symbiosis of plants and animals to increase the function of the soil and the food web within the soil.

By improving the soil health nutrient density of food is increased which improves the health of people and society.

Our family has been involved in holistic management and improving ecological function of landscapes since 1993. This balance in nature that can be replicated in business.

As in nature we focus the strengths of the resources we have around us to improve ecological function - the same is for business and focusing on the strengths we have collectively which in turn creates the whole business. Hence the whole is greater than the sum of its parts."

It is by good people that many things can be accomplished.